werner architects

Designing the way you live, work,
and play for over 20 years.

Paul Werner started the business in 1994 as the sole architect, and has grown it to the multifaceted business it is today.  Paul Werner Architects offers architectural services for a wide range of residential and commercial projects.  Our services include architecture, urban planning and design, site planning and development, zoning, building code analysis, and historic design.

Paul Werner Architects prides itself on providing the skills necessary to support you and your project from a concept, through the development stages with the City and community, through the permitting process, to completion of a built product.

Paul Werner Architects has licenses in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California.



  • Paul

    Paul is the owner and our leader. He has an extensive understanding of the construction and planning process, and oversees all of the projects that go through our office.

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  • Tiffany

    Tiffany is our do everything for everybody office manager.

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  • Joy

    Joy is a Landscape Architect and does most of our site plans and of course all of our landscape designs.

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  • Leticia

    Leticia spends the majority of her time managing commercial projects and any other project that is thrown at her.

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  • Billy

    Billy has a good knowledge of construction and works on both commercial and residential projects.

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  • Ryan

    Ryan focuses on commercial projects and is very familiar with the project submittal process in many of the Kansas City Metro municipalities.

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  • Ron

    Ron works on many of our commercial and residential projects and is skilled in 3D modeling and rendering.

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  • Suzanne

    Suzanne has a background in multi-family projects and she is our in-house code guru.

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